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Alberi di trasmissione. Italgiunti

Drive shafts transmit motion from the engine to the gearbox, and from the gearbox to the rear axle. On vehicles with three axles, it is possible to have two drive shafts, one for each pair of wheels. For military vehicles with four guide and driving wheels, there is one drive shaft for each wheel with double joints.
On cars the drive shaft is constituted by a single tubular-section piece with elastic joints at either end for small cars, or universal joints with roller bearings for more powerful cars, three-wheelers and light-duty trucks.
On industrial vehicles, due to the shaking of the axle, drive shafts are equipped with a coupling with a sliding grooved edge in order to accommodate variations in  length.

For buses and lorries with long wheelbases, drive shafts are made in two or more segments which are connected by means of  a swivelling support attached to a crossbar on the chassis.
In recent years, Italgiunti has succeeded in updating its range of products in stock, above all with the introduction of four-wheel drive vehicles to the marketplace, with the possibility of repairing or supplying a brand new joint which is not identical to but perfectly interchangeable with the old one, produced entirely in Italy for vehicles such as the following: 
Mercedes ML, Nissan qashqai, Nissan Pathfinder, Renaul Kangoo, Scenic, Mercedes Vito, Viano, VolksWagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and many others from both Italy and abroad.

Italgiunti has for years been the undisputed market leader in the cardan drive shaft sector for heavy-duty vehicles, joints for cardan gears, drive shafts for ships, cross-pieces, flanges, drive shafts for nautical applications, industrial drive shafts, universal joints, double joints, telescopic joints, constant velocity joints, industrial gears, cardan gears, sliding gears, semi-automatic gears, extra-short transmissions, double cross-piece transmissions,  power transmissions, mechanical transmissions, cardan extensions, etc..

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