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Italgiunti’s warehouse

Italgiunti’s warehouse

The wide range of loose spare parts manufactured in-house includes tubing of various diameters, cardan cross-pieces, supports and all moving parts already assembled in production to ensure the sliding mechanism is perfectly smooth.

The main strength of our assembly, however, is that it is supported by a vast stock of finished products, which reflects the policy that the company has always pursued, and one which many of our competitors have shunned, namely to maintain a constantly high level of stock for all our components. The cost of such a policy is certainly significant, but it also allows the company to be highly competitive and efficient when it comes to delivery times. 

Over the years, Italgiunti’s warehouse has enabled the company to expand its share of foreign markets, now exporting 60% of its products throughout Europe as well as further a field to places like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, Libya, Jordan, Chile, Venezuela and the United States.

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